John Annavi Òlòríré

Preacher of Christ l Product Creator l Affiliate Marketer l Lover of Children

This is My Story

I’m John, a versatile freelance worker from one of the biggest cities in Africa.

I am fascinated by technology, and how it consistently advances our world. Who knew six years ago that Facebook will be as big as it is now? And who ever thought online jobs would displace physical jobs. Virtual reality, big data and the Internet of Things are all technology advancements that appear to have come too soon, and I believe that the world should brace up for more of such advancements in the near future.

Just as I’m vivacious about technology, I’m not blind to its side effects. For example, I was recently reading a fascinating study by Microsoft, that revealed that our attention span has declined from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds now. According to the study, we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish (with an attention span of 9 seconds)… thanks to technology!

Just as I’m happy about tech advancements, I’m aware of the side effects. I believe in a balanced approach to things, and that’s what I will give your business.

I’ll tap into my versatility and knowledge/understanding of tech, business and startup trends, as well as relevant research and studies across all niches to help create engaging content for your readers.

If you’d like to work with me, simply use the links below to get started or you can head over to my homepage to see which of my services is right for you.

Here’s What I Love Doing

  • Graphics Design 95%
  • Internet Marketing 100%
  • App Development 96%
  • Website Development 98%
  • Sales Copywriter 95%
  • Creative Writing 95%
  • Blog Content 98%
  • Social Media Marketing 100%
  • Business Plan Writing 100%
  • Resume and Cover Letters 100%
  • Email Copy Writer 98%