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Making money online is not new any longer, but the truth remains that a few are still unaware of the various legitimate ways anyone can make use of to make money online.

Even though there might be proven and legitimate ways to make good cash off the internet, majority of this ways of making money online will take a very long time to set up before you can start making huge profit from it over and over again.

But the good reason why we should still be happy about making money online is that we can actually do most of the stuffs from the comfort our home.

No matter where you live, as long as you have an internet connection, you can make money online legitimately. That money can free you from the daily grind of a 9 to 5 job, allow you to travel, indulge in hobbies, and spend time with your loved ones.

So let me ask you these light questions:

Do you make money online?
Do you spend so much time online and never get to earn enough to withdraw to your local account?
Do you have a profitable online business that can at least guarantee you a minimum of $200 per month?

More similar questions can keep coming over and over again but I believe its better to ask a bolder and helping question like...

Would You Like to Learn How to Start Earning Over $500+ Monthly With Zero Capital by Just Uploading Free Content Online?

If your answer is YES, then I implore you to read on because I'm about to reveal to you a proven system that can start generating over $500 into your bank account every single month by just uploading content online.
Hi, John here.

First things first. Let me appreciate your time for reading down to this line. Its a sign that you've trusted me all along and as well want to take a leap in having a better life with my offer.

For the past five years I've been learning different ways to make money online.

I've tried various internet business models and I can actively recommend to newbies the kind of programs to venture into online if anyone wants to build a sustainable business.

In the course of gathering experience, I've done various online businesses that has improved my standard of living over time. Some of this are blogging, freelancing, website development, Importation Business, Graphics Design and Information Marketing.

My breakthrough online came about two years back when I got my first lump order on Fiverr to build a simple wordpress website. My client was a Mexican lady and she willingly paid over $800 ( do the maths yourself) just to build a simple wordpress blog. (made lotta profit)

On the average, a simple professional blog shouldn't cost beyond 35k.

In less than 5days, I handed the project to her and she was exceedingly happy.

The offer never came on a platter of gold though.

To cut the story short, we had to do a live video Skype chat before the deal was sealed.


Simple. Because I was a Nigerian.

Ever since then, the story changed.

Today, I'm getting more and more freedom living the internet lifestyle. I have time freedom and about getting money freedom.

Right now, I'm steadily building a community of like minds who are willing to make money online legitimately with the goal building a profitable business and as well show you how to make your money work for you even while you sleep.

That idea has connected experienced and upcoming internet marketers on one platform.

Today, we have a record 10,000+ active members.

And we are still growing.
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Okay. I think that intro is enough about me.

What I actually want to share with you on this page is a simple and genuine way to make consistent cash over the internet. In simple words, its more of a copy and paste system.

A system you just do today and repeat tomorrow.

You like that?

Take note that opportunities like this are for BIG and Determined Minds who have been searching for genuine ways to make money on the Internet without having to risk away their hard earned money and are ready to improve their financial life or you just want to get another means of making money online.

whichever category you belong;

Let me introduce to you the exact system I just keyed into that is making me an average of $15 daily.

In fact, I checked my account yesterday and my earning for the day was.....
content upload cash machine
Yes, that was my earning for a week for just uploading few content online that never took me beyond 20minutes. And I never had to write or produce any of the content myself.

But the truth is...

The earnings never came on a platter of GOLD.

For your eyes only, you might want to see my earning rate in my first week below.
my first week earnings
It was just too bad.

That never made me to give up though. I saw lots of testimonials of people already making success and earning free cash already. So I decided I just have to continue.

In a nutshell, just in my second week, I started following instructions and applying my own strategies which I'd reveal to you later on.

Now, I kept on doing my thing... just uploading and uploading free content and getting paid an average of $15 daily just to do that over and over again.

I did not give up at first because...

  • I never had to invest a kobo into the platform
  • All i needed to do was just to upload content (Videos, Articles, Images...)
  • I can actually download and upload any video or copy and paste any article. I don't need to make or write them.
  • And most importantly, there was a clear assurance of getting paid after 30days.
  • They use reliable payment gateways with three different options
payment methods


"The Content Upload Cash Machine Course".

video course cover
A simple, detailed and comprehensive step by step practical video course that guides you on how to make maximum profit online simply by uploading free content to different platforms and get paid for doing that over and over and over and over again.
All You Have to Do to Make Consistent Cash is to Simply Upload Content Online

Search for a good trending/viral content

Copy/Download the content to your drive

Upload the content to different platforms

Get your content engaged to Make More and More Money
It's just as simple as that.
Here's What Some Content Uploaders Are Saying
This is a fail proof system that can potentially earn you between $200 - $,1000+ monthly, the proofs above should have shown you how possible it is by now.

This Content Upload Cash
Machine Platforms
Has Loads of Powerful Features!
  • This upload content platforms are very easy to use to make good money (Easy Navigation)
  • You don't have to be a computer guru to get started (Anyone can do it)
  • This platforms is readily available for individuals like you including small and big businesses.
  • You don't need to invest a kobo to get started in this program
  • Earning Is 100% guaranteed (always available within 1–3 business days)
  • You can start TODAY and begin earning in less than 48hours.
  • You can get paid via bank transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer MasterCard (which you can get for free).
Inside the Content Upload Cash Machine Course, you will be shown:
  • How To set up your account in less than 5MINUTES and integrate into the content upload sites.
  • How And Where To Get Good And Quality Content That pulls in lots of Cash for FREE.
  • How To Withdraw Your Earnings Into Your Nigerian Bank Account.
  • How to Open and Operate a Verified PayPal Account that never gets limited.
  • How To Make Your Content Get Engaged for maximum profit. (This is TOP SECRET).

You will also receive FREE OF CHARGE…

FREE Bonus #1: PayPal Guide

If you have been into online business for years, you will agree with me that owning a foreign PayPal account that can send and receive funds is a necessity if you actually want to get paid from international clients and companies.

Over the years, I've seen so many online hustlers and freelancers complain so bitterly about owning and maintaining a PayPal Account without it getting limited or banned.

Since you will be cashing out from these content upload platforms via PayPal, I decided to add this as a special bonus.
These PayPal bonus I'm giving you for free is a top notch secret that top naija guys in Internet marketing industry would be so angry at me for letting it out. It is just an INCREDIBLY powerful procedure to have a fully verified and functional PayPal Account that can never get limited but stand the test of time.

Personally, I have always suffered in the hands of PayPal.

Most times, I could make tens of sales on Warrior+ and yet PayPal will just hold my cash and later on ban my account.

It has always been a big problem for me in my online business until I had to contact a big player in the same industry that makes over 7 figures on JvZoo. After much pleadings, he agreed to create a PayPal Account for me for ₦50,000.
PayPal Account Request
That price was chicken change to me though because I could just launch a digital product and hit past that price. And more so, I had already gotten another proven alternative to get it done.

Ever since then, I've never had issues with PayPal till date.

And so, I want to give you this
2-in-1 comprehensive PayPal guide in pdf and my own personal video recording that details how top internet marketers in Nigeria open foreign PayPal Accounts.
paypal bonus
With this bonus which you are getting for free,

I've COMFORTABLY charged some guys over ₦15,000 just to help them create a verified and functional PayPal account without even teaching them how to do it and yet; they were always happy paying for it.

This PayPal guides (pdf and video) are both special because;
  • You will learn step by step on how to open and operate an International PayPal account in Nigeria that can both receive and send payments without hassles.
  • You won't need any VPN, Foreign IPs, Foreign Bank account or Foreign address.
  • You'll be able to create your own PayPal account in your REAL Name, use your Real Nigerian ID card, Real Nigerian Address, Real Nigerian ATM card and NEVER worry of any issues
  • On the PLUS side, you'll see how to attach a valid international number that will ring directly on your phone whenever PayPal calls to say helloo.
  • This is just incredible! ....and this is just a bonus for you when you order for the content upload cash machine today
FREE Bonus #2: Fiverr Evergreen Guide

Another great portal to harness the power of the internet to make more money without investment is to sell product and services on Fiverr. Fiverr has always been my rescue whenever I run out of funds in my PayPal.

With over 4years on Fiverr, I know the length and breadth to profit maximally from the platform. To make profit, you just need to know how to put your offers to the right customers.

Hence, I want to give you as an added bonus; an evergreen Fiverr guide that I use to improve my rankings and order rate on Fiverr.
Fiverr Bonus
I have bought and gotten free Fiverr guides in the past, but this actual one I'm giving to you for free is the BOMB.

There's no way your your Fiverr account will remain blank without getting orders within a week after having this Fiverr guide.

In fact, if you order for this content upload cash machine course today, I will also attach just ONE video that will show you where to contact real oyinbos that will throw money at you when you pitch your Fiverr service to them. ....If you use the tips in this video alone, it will definitely change the destiny of your Fiverr account.

Its just as guaranteed as that.

But then, that's not all...

You will also get....My lifetime support!

It would be so absurd if after getting this course and then I lock up failing to provide support to you after getting this content upload cash machine course.

Hence, I will personally welcome you and add you up to our member support area where you get 24/7 support when you face any challenge in the cause of implementing the "CUCM Course".

More so, I will give you a lifetime support and feedback when it comes to matters relating to building a profitable internet business just as you can see some feedback I've given in time past.
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You simply get my 100% support anytime and any-day. Even when its 2a.m.

But Wait! There’s ONE More...

Yes. There's still just one more addition when you order for the "Content Upload Cash Machine Course" now.

Inside the course, you will discover a system I added to this course on how to cash out a minimum of ₦30,000 just doing almost nothing.

With this system, all you need is just less than 5minutes and you are done.

This system is entirely different from the content upload cash machine course.

In short, I can guarantee you that if you order for this course right now, you can get your first credit alert within the next 48hours.

The reason I'm so confident about this system is because, it won't cost you a kobo to earn the cash. Its just a "copy - paste - repeat" daily process.

This cash bonus system alone will make you profit instantly and recover the cost of this course even before you get your first payment from the content upload platforms.

Why Am I Giving You These Offer and Bonuses?


Because I will be the first to admit that we get so anxious to start getting result from every online course we purchase. And that's just the reason I want everyone to start making good money in just less than 48hours of getting the content upload cash machine course.

More so, I'm giving out a proven way to cash out your money so you don't get to worry about having your cash stranded online when its due to be withdrawn to your local bank account.

And to be on the plus side, you will NEVER have to worry about receiving payment from international clients and businesses anymore with my PayPal giveaway.

In fact, you can even begin creating PayPal account for people and make huge profits cos thousand of Nigerians are still yet to key into internet business.

Apart from those reasons;

If I decide to teach it to you in person, it would take about 6 straight hours to exhaust this course and we might still not be completely done.

And it could as well fill a 217 page book if I decide to write about it, plus I could charge 150,000 naira and you would be extremely happy you paid that amount after I expose them to you, step by step.

This Content Upload Cash Machine Course would not cost beyond the price of 3 shoes.

One thing about your shoes is that it's going to wear off and tear. But this course would DRASTICALLY increase your finance to be able to buy over tens of more quality shoes.

Which is a better decision? buying a couple of shoes you would have to dump one day or buying a proven and guaranteed course that would improve your financial status for the rest of your life.

Anyways, that decision is up to you.

and you already know that...

For buying this Content Upload Cash Machine Course, I'm going to give you a box-full of free bonuses worth 65000 naira at no extra expenses.

My little way of saying thanks for doing business with me probably for the first time.

The price of this course in one digital Video series is very affordable. Some of the video is over 30mins.

And if I decide to make it into an actual physical video it could be split up into enough CDs to fill a medium sized box. And it would definitely weigh about 10kg and might probably cost you 5,000 in courier expenses to bring it to your house.

...... I could charge you 50,000 naira for it and still wouldn't be over charging because it took me over 17 days and nights in self training to fully discover the bad-ass money-coughing cash machine secret without investing a kobo and you are about to discover in this video course and I will pass them to you for a meager fee so you wouldn't have to go through test and trials like I did.

This Content Upload Cash Machine Course is a 4-in-1 package. In it I would show you:

Annavi tv
==> How to earn free cash from some platforms that would make you over $200 (N80,000) monthly or over $50 weekly just to download and upload content like videos, articles, images etc.

==> Plus, I would also give you my own personal video recording on how I created a brand new foreign PayPal Account alongside with a bad ass PayPal guide in pdf version that will show you how top naija 7 figure internet marketers set up their own PayPal Accounts. (Please, don't let them know I was the one who gave you once you see it).

==> And that's not all; I also throw in my special don't-even-ignore-it "Fiverr evergreen guide" that will position your fiverr account for daily orders and as well include one powerful video recording from my best purchase ever that would turn your Fiverr account to blood money.(I'm still doubting this tho.. might close my eyes and include it)

==> Don't forget, you also get my guaranteed system that will earn you instant cash upto N30,000 in under 48hours.

==> Just to take away the risk involved in getting this course, I've included a never seen money back guarantee.

Considering what you can achieve later on with the help of this system, even that would be an absolute STEAL.

However, like I said earlier; your success online or offline is tied to your actions.
Normally, if you are to attend separate seminars to learn these 4 underground inner circle secrets, it would cost you about 20,000 naira each.

That would be 80,000 naira for the four.

For a fleeting moment I thought of breaking this video into four and selling them separately. But guess what, I won't be doing that - I’ve decided to package all this and give it to you at a price less than One.

So for that reason, instead of paying ₦80,000 for this course;

Or ₦40,000 which is still fair enough.

And you don't even have to pay for the price of one which is ₦20,000. And its stil a great steal.

But then;

All you need to do to get your hands on this super packaged video is to pay just 11,999 naira.

Just ₦9,999 Only!

That’s it.

This one time payment for a better income will get you instant access to the Content Upload Cash Machine Course and all bonus attached to it.

₦9,999 is really NOTHING compared to what you will begin to earn within the next few hours.

Remember, you won't be paying a kobo anymore once you get this money machine now.
you can take action now and...
Get the CUCM Course Now for ₦15,000 Just ₦9,999
Click on the button below to make your payment now. Once your payment is successful, you will be directed to the download page to access your delivery.

Don't Like Online Payments?

You can make your transfer to the account details below:

Account Name: Laurella Information and Technology
Bank: First Bank of Nigeria
Account No: 203-2290-998

After payment, send me a quick message on Facebook and I'll forward your delivery as soon as possible.

How About My Guarantee?

Now this is something you rarely see...

I'm so confident that you will absolutely profit with Content Upload Cash Machine Course that I'm offering a no questions asked, double money-back guarantee… I take all the risk so you don’t have to worry

Try CUCM Course Risk Free

If after 48hours of making your order for the Content Upload Cash Machine Course and you take action as directed and yet; YOU DO NOT EARN ANYTHING WITHIN 48HOURS INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, then I will gladly refund double your payment which is N19,999 and as well say sorry for playing on you.

I understand you want results, and this is my guarantee for you to avoid regret or your loss.

Well, that’s it from me friend.

If you wish to join this system then great, welcome aboard.

Our members are waiting and looking forward to welcoming you. Just keep working on your dreams and work every day towards your goal.

Nothing Can Ever STOP You. You can ONLY stop YOU!

Today, I'm getting more time for myself; money freedom to buy at least good things for myself and in a little while, I'll get location freedom to go wherever I wish.

Let's call it a day here champ. I'll be waiting to connect with you at the other side.

Always remember this: "Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned. Without action, there is simply no success".

Always Stay Positive!
John Annavi Olorire

John Annavi Òlòríré

Internet Marketer I Freelancer and Lover of Children.


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